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Reconstruction of destroyed buildings. Giving people back a home.



Imagine you have worked and saved for decades to be able to live with your family in your own home. Now imagine that you have to leave this house, with all your possessions, behind.

There are many people in the Donetsk region whose houses have been destroyed or damaged. They all love their homes, but rarely have the resources or the strength to repair the damage caused by the war. These people often live in these houses – without windows, with destroyed roofs and collapsed walls. This is where we come to them for support.

We repair roofs and windows, raise walls and help with the construction or extension of the heating system. Some large organizations offer their help in repairing and rebuilding, but the larger the organization, the slower the process. We, on the other hand, are able to provide urgent help to people who need it most: elderly people, people with disabilities, families with children.

Since mid-autumn 2023, our Rebuild project has been running at full speed so that people can overcome the cold season in warmth and, above all, in their homes. We believe that helping to rebuild homes is a step towards helping people regain their independence.