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Helping local people

on the ground.



The emergency response in the field is where our path has started. The first months of the war saw a near total collapse of basic services as people in frontline cities didn’t know how and where they could evacuate to. They struggled to access enough food, water and basic medications. Since the first months of the invasion Base UA has been constantly working on the ground in the Donetsk region providing different kinds of support.

These are the fields of work in our response department

• Evacuations of civilians from the hottest spots thanks to our armored vehicles and a highly trained and professional team.

• Medical evacuations of bedridden people and people with disabilities from frontline areas.

• Distribution of basic humanitarian aid (food packages)

• Redistribution of aid from partners (generators, heaters, sleeping bags, medication and medical supplies, etc.)

• Occasional support of local animal initiatives with dog and cat food deliveries and hands-on work at the shelter.

• Risk assessment for partner organizations and open source mindset. Support of any type of activities in the region with network and logistics if required. We try to do whatever helps the needs on the ground to be addressed and the available resources to be put to most effective use possible for the benefit of the communities we serve.

Eugenii looks out of his house – through a big hole caused by russian artillery. © Pierre Depont
Carrying Natalia out of her house in the village of Toretsk, wich is very close to Bakhmut and to occupied Donetsk Lifting Natalia into our Car for the evacuation from Toretsk, near Bakhmut. © Kseniia Tomchyk




Injured Soldier In Bakhmut – Dima’s Lucky Day

Injured Soldier In Bakhmut – Dima’s Lucky Day

Bakhmut: We are standing in front of the bomb shelter when we hear a noise. An engine roars, tires crash over frozen chunks of mud. Pieces of gravel shatter. A military vehicle rushes up to us. Shrieking brakes. Two soldiers run out.

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Targeted by Russian Mortars

Targeted by Russian Mortars

Some evacuations go smoothly and easily, others don’t. As our Team was packing the passengers’ luggage, their location was shelled by Russian mortars.

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