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Animals are not really on our list of priorities when it comes to evacuations. But sometimes fate just takes its course.

Our team members Sveta, Ori and Igor were on a mission in Bakhmut when they suddenly heard a cat crying. They were sitting in our van, just about to leave.

Fortunately, Sveta reacted.

A kitten had been hiding in the wheel well of our vehicle. It took almost half an hour for Igor and Sveta to get it out of there.

Covered with mud and completely scared, the kitten had finally been evacuated. We named her Eva – short for evacuation.



Even a little more brazenly, Fredi sneaked into the middle of our team. He simply jumped into our car without warning as one of our teams was about to leave the war zone. We saw this as a call for help. Also Fredi is now a permanent member of the Base UA team.

Eva and Fredi stay in the family. They now find their way to Germany and will be adopted by members of our German crew.