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Even if you don’t want to believe it: The embattled areas also have people who want to stay there. The reasons for this are varied. Some are afraid of fleeing. Others have never been elsewhere and are worried that they will not be able to integrate. Still others lack the money to afford a new home.

Obviously, we would prefer to be able to pull these people out of this danger – but who are we to judge the lives of others?

For months now, we have been in contact with people in Bakhmut, about 30 of whom are living in a bomb shelter. Many of them have already had to flee. Some have lost family members in the process. Children have been separated from their mothers and fathers.


About 30 People live in this bomb shelter in downtown Bakhmut.

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At this moment, what we can do is to help them in their current situation, support them. Part of that is preparing these people for possible emergencies. What to do if someone is injured in a bomb blast, for example?

Our wonderful team member and paramedic Freddy therefore went to the people and gave them a crash course in first aid measures in a war zone. This is the kind of training we do regularly as Volunteers. But the people who live in these areas are usually not prepared.



Freddy during medical training at the Bomb Shelter.

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Apart from the training, we also provided the people with the necessary materials, such as tourniquets and gauze bandages. We are happy that so many residents of this shelter were interested and participated very actively.

Hopefully, we were able to offer them a bit of security.


© Madison Tuff