From left to right: Dr Olena, Oleksandra and Dr Mykhailo.

Oleksandra visited the Base UA mobile clinic for a checkup. She had a large tumor on her face that had been growing for three years. Doctors had refused to remove it due to the high risk of surgery.

Oleksandra before the operation

Olena Merezhko, a doctor at our mobile clinic, advised Oleksandra to contact the Regional Territorial Medical Association in Kramatorsk. She helped Oleksandra schedule a consultation with Mykhailo Hlanko, a highly qualified oncologist.

Dr. Mykhailo Hlianko.

Dr. Hlianko examined Oleksandra and agreed to operate on her tumor. The surgery was successful, and the results are impressive.

Oleksandra after the operation

The Regional Territorial Medical Association in Kramatorsk continues to diagnose and treat oncological diseases. They provide services to cancer patients who need chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy.

We are proud to have played a role in Oleksandra’s remarkable transformation. Our mission is to provide direct and indirect assistance to as many people as possible.